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States in which Coaster Reviews has ridden a coaster.

States in which Coaster Reviews has ridden a coaster.
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Time Warp - Canada's Wonderland (Ontario, Canada)

Date Ridden: Summer of 2008. Times Ridden: 1.

This thing is basically horrible.

So far, Coaster Reviews has analyzed some of the best rides in the world. Well, believe it or not, there are some bad rides out there. This is one such example.

The concept is unique. Time Warp (aka Tomb Raider until Cedar Fair bought out the park and eliminated the Paramount names) is a flying coaster which only holds 4 people per train. The ride itself never actually stops so loading is an adventure in itself. You, the rider/victim stand in a certain location and hop aboard as the train moves slowly by you. The ride op then slams it shut and away you go. The lift is different in that it sends you in a circle taking the train up to the top before it is finally dropped onto the course. Up to this point, the ride has not been great but not bad either. That is about to change.

Time Warp is really uncomfortable and I could not wait to get off of it. Your head constantly bangs into the side of the restraint, the inversions are among the most painful out there, and there is not one single comfortable moment once the ride starts its descent. From a distance, Time Warp looks like a fun little coaster that has some different elements. On board, it is a torture machine that no one on the Coaster Reviews staff will ever ride again.

Time Warp is well below average. I would recommend the video below being as close as anyone ever gets to actually riding it.

Overall Score - 4 for the unique elements. The ride quality would actually be a 2 or 3.

Ride Time Warp below.

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